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3856 SENECA AVE., LOS ANGELES, CA  90039  |  (310) 420-4705

Budget Proposal

The budgets for our Kids Club programs can be packaged offering substantial savings.  We apply discounts for each event when more locations and event dates are added.  The more event dates we contract for, the greater the savings.  Our super value packages below are sure to fulfill the needs of any center.


Prices below reflect per event/date cost.   For example, weekly Kids Club program with a host would be $400 including raffle prizes, games and dance time. One hour activities can be added after the program such as  pony rides, petting zoo or any of the below venues.  We will alternate different activities each week.

Fee Structure (2016)

Weekly Kids Club Program

Pocket Pets Petting Zoo

1 Pony Rides with Petting Zoo

2 Pony Rides

Exotic Reptitle Petting Zoo

Birds Petting Zoo

Face Painting

Balloon Twisting

Character(s) Strolling

*My Gym (Tumble Time)







$150/2 hrs must

$150/2 hrs must

$250 per hour

Free of Charge

*For cost effective, My Gym at Thousand Oaks will be providing one hour of their service time including their equipment and an instructor tumble/exercise time - free of charge.  We've successfully placed similar format at Waterside and the Lakes.

Please note, the animals pricing has been carefully reviewed and negotiated for the rate to be this low.  The above rate also reflects talent, staffing, sound system and registration table.

Promenade Westlake

                       Kids Club Proposal

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