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3856 SENECA AVE., LOS ANGELES, CA  90039  |  TEL: (310) 420-4705

Montclair Place


Easter Arrival

Sat., 3/25/17

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Easter Proposal

Bringing Family Together

Fairies, Fairies, Fairies...

You'll love the entire experience the Fairies brings to your event.  As a tinker, she will often highlight some of her favorite things and share them with her new friends. This fairy is a detailed oriented perfectionist and loves to entertain with great precision.  Her adorably authentic appearance demonstrates her passion for her work and for every game and activity she shares together with the children.

The Fairies spread their love so vibrantly as they'll always willing to do anything for a friend. They love to share adventures and together they create the perfect event experience.  They will spend time with the children and guests to make the event experience completely unforgettable! 

  • 1 Hour:           tbd

  • 2 Hours:         tbd

The Superhero Experience!



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