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Wayne Daniels Production Management, LLC

You’re a marketing manager for a mall & your time is spread thin.

They expect you to curate events while doing multiple jobs.

It's just not realistic.

You know that events have lots of moving parts.

They're unpredictable, and your reputation is at stake.

Anytime you are planning events, you always want to have someone on dial to:

To help you rest easy & take the burden off, making sure everything is thought out.

Save time & energy by having a one stop shop for any idea you have. 

To feel safe knowing we work with the best professionals

We give our entertainers and artists a lot of work.

That's why they give us affordable rates.

We're a marketing managers best loved secret for over 15 years.

They love having access to our ideas and our network of people.

(See Clients below)

 Our Kids Club Program is also a treasure & a marketing manager's favorite:

it's turn keylow cost, & it brings many guests & future shoppers to the centers.

Ask how a sample event schedule would look for you

- Isaac


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