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Bringing....Family Together



Bob Baker Marionettes

From the historic Bob Baker Marionette Theatre comes their traveling company of marionettes for the whole family to enjoy! Bob Baker's enchanted puppets have pulled the strings of family fun since 1963.

Franklin Haynes Marionettes

Beautiful handcrafted puppets and a unique style of performing make Franklin Haynes's shows a wonderful event! His cast of marionettes include both original and well-known characters, and his Halloween show is beloved by Kids Club families.

Joe Gandelman

The silliest and funniest of children's ventriloquists! Come check out this show full of the wackiest jokes and most outrageous puppet characters ever seen. There's an alien, a turkey, and a whole cast of crazy characters, including one that squirts water...bring your raincoat because you might get wet!

Joe Selph

Renowned as L.A.'s "most unique children's entertainer," Joe has been dazzling audiences with his wonderful marionettes. A veteran of The Jim Henson Company, his show is filled with magic, laughter, and fun. Join us for this unique show that's sure to entertain both young & old.

Kiddle Karoo Puppets

Big puppets, small puppets, short puppets, tall puppets! Lots of colorful friends join us for some hilarity and high-jinks in this musical show. Join puppeteers Lisa and Jim and all their puppet pals for jokes, music, stories and more!

Luce Puppet Company

Beautiful handcrafted puppets and original storytelling are just part of the magic of a Luce Puppet Company show. Complete with an enchanting stage, each show is filled with colorful characters, gentle lessons and fun adventures!

Noteworthy Puppets

From fairy tales to original musicals, a Noteworthy Puppet show is filled with interaction and memorable characters! Educational stories are wrapped in fun that will engage and entertain children.

Wonderworld Puppets

Wonderworld's shows are full of music, stories, and a whole lot of laughs! Classic tales are revisited in a brand new way. Children learn about patience, persistence, self-control and lots more. Don't miss this silly show filled with a lot of heart.

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