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Bringing....Family Together


Super Heros


The Glass Slippers Princess

Dream big with our Slippers Princess as she takes your children on a magical journey through storytelling, dancing, and magic tricks.  Dress up for the royal ball and take pictures with the princess after the show.

The Beauty Princess

Our Beauty Princess yearns for adventures in the great wide somewhere like those in her beloved books, and she will inspire your children to do the same! Belle will tell stories about seeking the beauty within and turning dreams into reality. Children may dress up and take pictures with our princess after the show.


Enter a world of enchantment when our Garden Fairies visit the mortal realm! Children will be taken through a magical journey of storytelling and song with our ethereal Fairies. Wear your finest wings and take pictures after the show.

Galactic Master

Galactic forces unite when our Galactic Master visits! He will share the story of how he became the Chosen One and teach our young Jedis the ways of the Force. Children may dress up as their favorite Galactic character and take pictures after the show.


Our favorite superheroes take time out of their busy saving-the-world schedule to show the kids some of their fancy crime-solving moves! Join them in the fight against evil and dress up in your favorite superhero costume to take pictures after the show.

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