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Bringing....Family Together



Meet & Greet Mrs. Claus

All the way from the North Pole, Mrs. Claus comes to meet and greet our local families!  Mrs. Claus has some heartwarming tales to share and some interactive reindeer nose for every children.   Join us for a holiday cheer!

Holiday Princess Cinderella

Meet and greet Christmas Cinderella before she heads back to her Magic Kingdom.  It's a magical time of the year for the whole family to enjoy Cinderella's visit.  She will be performing magic, story telling and grant holiday stickers to the little boys and girls.

The Grinch

You Better Watch Out!  He's green...he's mean...and he hates Christmas!  Meet and greet the Grinch, hairy green creature at Santa Cottage, Promenade at Westlake.

Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman goes where he is needed most and Santa Cottage at Promenade at Westlake will be the next town he'll stop for a visit.  Camera ready boys an girls for a quick flash before Frosty goes back to the North Pole!

Elf Juggler

An award winning theatrical, whimsical surreal performance!  Our stilt performers will take their act to the next level with contortions, acrobatics, hand balancing, juggling and unicycling.  It's phenomenal!  It's a spectacularly satisfying!

Holiday Magic

Meet Strolling magician comes all the way from the North Pole to share some very special magic and fun for all local families!  The magician will have lots of children to help pull off some of his tricks!  This magical elf is Santa's very own personal Magician.

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