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Janss Marketplace

275 N Moorpark Rd EastThousand Oaks, CA 91360

2018 Kids Club Proposal

Services  & Flow...We Go the Extra Mile!


    • Entertainers or Activities with Related Materials*

   • Provide PA Sound System including Registration Table

   • Host and MC
   • Back up Show
   • Raffle Prizes & Tickets for Drawings
   • Coordinate all Information about Show Dates Time with Entertainers
   • Coordinate Load In/Out of Entertainers
   • Coordinate Technical Requirements of Entertainers
   • Coordinate all Information About Show Dates Time with Host/MC
   • Coordinate with Host Announcements & Special Requests Required by Mall
   • Coordinate with Mall for Special Events or Activities
     (e.g. holiday theme shows or special bookings)

   • Payment for the Entertainers/Presenters

   • Weekly eBlast/Social Media Kids Club Program Announcements

   • Monthly Calendars Distribution to Kids Club Guests
   • Year-end Summary of Attendance Including Weekly Counts and Monthly

      Averages (if applicable)


*All WDPM staff, independent contractors and volunteers undergo initial and routine background checks.

Procedures & Guidelines

One half hour prior to each show the HOST puts on “pre-show” music and coordinates all needs of Performers and Mall.  Fifteen minutes prior to show-time HOST distributes tickets to audience for raffle and signs in new members.  At show-time, HOST makes any announcements required by mall and also those required for promotion of the program (i.e. Merchant Participation).  HOST then introduces the entertainers or presentation. Following the event HOST conducts the raffle and announces the next performance date and event.  HOST acknowledges any and all Merchant Participants at the close of show.  HOST puts on “post-show” music and encourages children and caregivers to dance and/or bubble, stickers time!  HOST assists with load out of performers and performers’ equipment.

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