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Kids Place

Monthly Kids Club program last Tuesday each month held lower level in center court

Kids Place

May 29, 2018 

Balloonacy with Soozi
45 Mins 

The Soozi show makes balloon sculptures like we've never seen before!  These aren't your average balloon swords or puppies! These are actual artistic showpieces!  She is an accomplished storyteller and Balloonologist, that means great fun for all of us!  Children and parents loved the Soozi's show (recently performed at the Grove).

Music with Kinderwise

30 Mins

Join Sparkelina (a magical doll), Busybee (a giant bee) and Sophie (a pink elephant) from Kinderwise as they take your children on a magical musical adventure through singing, dancing, comedy, skits, learning and fun engaging games with bubble machines, a parachute, and more!

Mista Cookie Jar

45 Mins

Fusing tradition with innovation, Mista Cookie Jar unites rockstar excitement with the warmth of family music.  Everyone will be moving and grooving to his electric tunes!  Mista Cookie Jar's songs have been air-cast on XFM "Kids Live", Spotify, Itunes and other Kids radio stations.  It's pop hits for the entire family!

Rumbling Rhythms

45 Mins

Explore the language of music and rhythm when Alan Bruni brings his extraordinary talents to Kids Club. Your children will be making music and jiving to the beat with Alan's lively drums and instruments!

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