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The most blissful place for me is behind my lens capturing candid moments of little people. It may be a lopsided smile of a one year old, the yawn and stretch of a sleepy 8 day old, or the pouty look of a 2 year old that doesn't get her way. Capturing these moments is important because much too quickly our little people are no longer little! I am the mother of three happy and well-adjusted grown kids (is that an oxymoron?) and the "Amma' of three beautiful and unique grandchildren who continue to be my inspiration. 

Likes: Coconut, zumba class, whale watching, quick wit, zip-lining, curious people, sonograms of babies, the smell of gardenias, lyrics written about the way I feel, my 5D Mark II, Trader Joes pound plus dark chocolate, kindness in any form, imperfection.

Dislikes: eating anything with a chin, movies with special effects and no plot, not being able to find my keys, stretching, wasting time.





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