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Let our event planners & characters create an event that will captivate your audience!

Have a Listen


- Mrs. Claus/2 hrs:  $600

All the way from the North Pole, Mrs. Claus comes to meet 

and greet our local familes!  Mrs. Claus has some heartwarming

tales to share and some interactive reindeer nose for every


The Jingle Singers Carolers

- 2 hrs Caroling Quartet:  $1,200

Get in the spirit of Christmas as this merry quartet of carolers brings their renditions of your favorite holiday songs to your guests, all in joyous 4-part a cappella harmony.  Perfect for Santa lines or just plain entertaining guests!

Pre-Show Rhythm Child Musical

- 2 drummers and band performers 30 minutes pre-show:  $1,200
The Los Angeles-based artist is a pioneering musician in the ska

revival of the 1980s, a period in music that embraced

multiculturalism, socially conscious lyrics, and refreshingly rich

and diverse grooves.  Previous to Rhythm Child, Jones was best

known for his work with the iconic band General Public with

whom he toured with nationally and internationally, and

appeared with on Arsenio Hall.  His children’s music furthers this

esteemed tradition and has been best described as “John Lennon, Bob Marley, and Otis Redding playing a music festival on Sesame Street.”  The Rhythm Child repertoire is a mix original material and interpretations of classic children’s songs and nursery rhymes done with vibrancy and purposeful grooves.

Pre-Show Stilt Circus Elfin Comedy

- 30 minutes pre-show 7:00pm-7:30pm:  $1,100

Alex and Milo will alternate providing a burst of variety circus disciplines including juggling hat & cane manipulation, rolling globe/rola bola and unicycling, hand balancing and contortion.  They will create moments where they will fuse the vastly different disciplines and ultimately will come together and perform some duo partner acrobatic maneuvers.


- 1 hour/2 strolling magicians 6:00pm-7:00pm:  $700

Whether performing an amazing show or strolling amongst

our guests, let our world class magicians dazzle and

delight them with their feats of wonder.  All of our Magician

 are members of the historic Magic Castle in Hollywood.


- 1 hour/2 face painters 6:00pm-7:00pm:  $260

Our face painters will go all out for an elf festive look...rosie cheeks, eye lashes, eye glasses rosie lips.  If time permitted, painters will happy to add reindeer, santa or snowman on the child's face.


- 2 hours/1 balloon artist at Santa house 8:00pm-9pm:  $300

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