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Art Crafts Proposal

Free, Fun & Educational Games and Activities for Kids!

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Our Crafts


Can be custom designed to fit any theme or special occasion.  All our crafts are highly interactive creating a unique experience to boost your brand.  These are hands-on, interactive and fun projects that create a unique experience for children all ages.


Craft Supplies

We use a wide assortment of colorful decorations.  The "supply buffet" offers the opportunity for self expression and makes for a great experience.


Special Crafts


Crafts make events fun!  We custom create crafts to match themed events such as Spider Man, Harry Potter, Mother's Day, Pet Week and many more.


Special Event and One-off Pricing



We add additional $125 for each additional hour of labor.  Additional fees apply for weekend and holiday events.  Note, week day craft pricing is lower (see below) compares to weekend and holidays.


  • Up to 2 Hours, 200 Crafts - $1,400

  • Up to 2 Hours, 300 Crafts - $1,950

  • Up to 2 Hours , 400 Crafts - $2,400


Mother's Day Boutique
Turkey Cup
Father's Day Mug
Paper Bag




Let your friends and family know how sweet your child thinks they are expressing their love on Valentine's Day!  We will have photo booth ready to take your child's pictures then art and crafts photo frames for the final touch.  Let the children's imagination creating a heartfelt gift this February!  150 units $675 / 200 units $735 / 250-300 units $1,300

Bring your imaginations and your love for our MOM as we make a special bouquet for Mother's Day! Let's be thankful to our most gentle, understanding, nuturing, forgiving...Mother's Love!


Create a bouquet of these pretty 8-petal paper flowers with just a few simple folds and cuts! It's easy craft for your mom or grandma that will last a long time.

150 units $625 / 200 units $725 / 250-300 units $1,300

Turn a white paper lantern into a snowman for a fun holiday craft.  If you live in an area that doesn't get much snow like here in Los Angeles, you children can still get in on the snowman building in action.  This is an easy craft project that children all ages will enjoy.

150 units $625 / 200 units $725 / 250-300 units $1,300


Do your kids think Easter can't hippity-hop here fast enough?  Fear not, Mom!  From egg presenters to treat bag toppers, we've got a whole basket of Easter craft ideas to help our kids get a jump on the season.  After all, there's more to Easter crafts than just dyeing eggs!  150 units $600 / 200 units $700 / 250-300 units $1,025


This windsock cannot be any easier!  The brightly colored streamers on this adorable Easter windsock flap gently in the breeze, bringing a wecolme touch of spring to your yard!  This particular craft is great for parents and children to make together.

150 units $625 / 200 units $725 / 250-300 units $1,300



Choose your color and spin the painting wheel.  This magical masterpiece with the RoseArt Magic spin is an ideal for all ages!  It's fun, easy just a simple drop of paints!  Your finished spin art will be framed in a heavy weight white card.

150 units $625 / 200 units $725 / 250-300 units $1,300


A little bit of seasonal fun!  This is a simple craft where children can create Thanksgiving lantern.  These turkey lantern are turned into colorful turkeys with a little cutting and pasting!  Colorful, fun and sure to be a hit at Thanksgiving!

150 units $625 / 200 units $725 / 250-300 units $1,300

Week Day Crafts Pricing

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